Sculptural Lighting Fixture

Ian Cameron of Cameron Design House designed this beautiful Sculptural Lighting Fixture. Cameron Design House creates and produces unique and appealing sculptured pieces. They use a combination of materials including both natural and man made. This lighting fixture is made from individually cut plywood pieces. The 80 plywood pieces have been attached to an acrylic frame.

Sculptural Lighting Fixture This is a large lighting fixture that makes a stunning centerpiece. It measures sixty-seven centimeters in diameter.  because of it's large size, three cables are required in order to attach it to the ceiling. 1aSculptural-Lighting-by-Cameron-Design-House-02

The power reaches the light by travelling through the suspension cables. So there are no messy power cables to interfere with the effect.
1aSculptural-Lighting-by-Cameron-Design-House-04 1aSculptural-Lighting-by-Cameron-Design-House-05

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