Scientists Unable to Make Dragon

Science does amazing things, everyday researchers are dicovering and creating interesting stuff that can change the world. Sometimes, however, they just can not cut the mustard and fall way below the standards that are expected of them! This is exactly what happened when seven year old Sophie Lester from Australia wrote to the CSIRO and requested that they make her a dragon. She asked very nicely and she promised that she would play with it every weekend when she was not at school. Sophie informed the CSIRO that if the dragon was a girl she would name it 'Toothless' and that she would call it 'Stuart' if it was a boy.




She assured the scientists that she would take good care of the dragon, promising to feed it raw fish and bandage it if it was hurt. How adorable is this little girl? Sounds to me like Sophie is 100% capable of taking care of a dragon. The CSIRO thought so too, they apologised to Sophie for the fact that they have not been able to create a dragon or dragon eggs as yet. This is very sad news for all Australians and the agency has released this statement, which they included in their reply to Sophie.

"We have sighted an eastern bearded dragon at one of our telescopes, observed dragonflies and even measured body temperatures of the mallee dragon. But our work has never ventured into dragons of the mythical, fire breathing variety. And for this Australia, we are sorry."

The CSIRO decided that they would hoever do the best that they could to create a dragon for Sophie. They used electron beams to print a 3D titanium dragon model that can fly! You can see the dragon in the video below. Well done CSIRO!


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