Rock Paper Scissors Desktop Sculpture

Rock Paper Scissors Desktop Sculpture

This rock paper scissors desktop sculpture set is very cool and unique. It is unique because each piece is a handmade pewter miniature sculpture. These are handmade in California by their creator Cynthia Webb. Cynthia is known for the beautiful and fine details that her pewter artwork has. The designs that she produces include simplistic shapes and patterns as well as highly detailed pieces. Every piece is hand finished and then oxidized and polished. All of her work is handcrafted in the USA.

This is a wonderful decorative item and it is fun because you can play with them. Instead of using your hands to make the rock, paper or scissors symbol you simple toss down your selection on the table. This is a fun new twist on a much loved traditional game.

A great idea if you would like to add something decorative to your desk because they do not take up a lot of room. Even though these are small they are quite heavy so they do make good desktop paperweights.

Anyone who fondly remembers playing this game as a child is sure to enjoy the novelty of this. A wonderful gift idea for any one who loves nostalgic items.

Rock Paper Scissors Desktop Sculpture

Rock Paper Scissors Desktop Sculpture

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