Robust Composite Windows

Robust Composite Windows

Homebuilders and homeowners know in equal measure that a house is not completely built without the installation of doors and windows. Doors and windows give a house its exquisite finish, adding to its architectural value. Since a door or window are the first things a visitor takes note of when he or she visits a new home, there's the urge of having the doors and windows beautifully crafted and designed to impress the guests. There's always the need of having the house well ventilated and at the same time maintain the beauty and security of the house. To have a beautiful, warm yet secure door or window usually proves to be a headache to many.

Boyne Rock limited, Dublin, an experienced commercial and domestic installation of premier quality and secure doors and windows comes in aid of those that need to install windows or doors to their houses. With a vast experience and expertise in giving artistic finishing to buildings with the installation of beautiful crafted and designed doors and windows.
Features of the doors and windows we install include the following-
The doors and windows are fitted with multiple security features.

1. ‘Secure by Design' accreditation on the doors and windows, a show of security of our products
2. Aluminum covered system fitted on the doors and windows
3. Dual or triple glazing on the windows
4. The aluminum covered frames are fitted increase on stability and ensure safety
5. Buyers have an option of purchasing the bugler proof top security glass to be fitted on the doors and windows

All the above features aim at maintaining the artistic beauty of our designs of product and at the same time guarantee top security.
The products we offer come in a variety of colors and the buyers have the option of selecting from the range of colors available that will augur well with the finishing of their house.
Whether a century-old building, a commercial building or in the upmarket Dublin area, our business is ensuring the installation of quality and secure doors and windows.

The windows we install are either timber, UPVC or aluminum clad windows. The windows are either double glazed or triple window system that guarantees the view of the outside world and at the same time remain burglar proof.
Buyers have the option of picking from the variety of window designs to fit their specifications.
Roof windows are important to light naturally your home and give it a clear sky view and at the same time having your house well aerated especially during the warm seasons. The types of designs of roof windows include center pivot, top hang, roof terrace, combining and special function types of roof windows all at the disposal of the buyer to pick their favorite.

The ranges of doors we install include patio doors, composite front doors, French doors, bi-fold and triple track sliding doors.
Composite doors are increasingly becoming popular and are preferred because of the myriad of additional advantages over the normal average door. They are more secure with features such as the high-security multipoint locking system and the anti snap cylinder for maximum security.

We understand that a door is an eye to the house, that's why we have specialised in the design and installation of beautifully crafted artistic doors to the house. The added features on the doors ensure the added security of the inhabitants of the house.

The products are designed and manufactured to very high standards and specifications. The top-notch, carefully crafted and designed and expertly finished doors and windows produced and installed by Boynewindows are exactly the missing piece of art to complement your house perfectly.

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