RESEARCH NEWS: Effects Of Ostracism

RESEARCH NEWS: Effects Of Ostracism. We all know what it feels like to be left out or ignored. It's not a great feeling. Ostracism happens often in schools, workplaces, families and among other groups of people. Recent research into the effects of ostracism has shown that the effects can be long lasting or sometimes even dangerous. Even after being excluded for only a few minutes the effects can be devastating. Research by Professor Kipling D. Williams shows that the part of the human brain which registers physical injury also registers injury during the process of ostracism. RESEARCH NEWS: Effects Of Ostracism

^"Kipling D. Williams, a Purdue professor of psychological sciences, studies how ostracism hurts individuals as much or even more than a physical injury.
Credit: Purdue University photo/Mark Simons

Ostracism and exclusion are considered to be forms of bullying. Personality types vary of course so individual responses to this kind of bullying vary as well. According to Williams, ostracism is experienced in three stages. The first stage is the instant negative feeling when it occurs. The second stage is the coping stage.  The third is resignation.

How people react varies from person to person. Some of the negative consequences are complying in order to fit in, aggression and going to great lengths in order to fit in. Some people who have been ostracized are attracted to extremist or harmful groups. There are many organized groups that take advantage of people who will do anything to feel accepted. When a large number of people with aggressive tendencies and a willingness to comply join forces, this can be extremely dangerous.

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