Repurposed Aircraft Aluminium Cufflinks

Repurposed Aircraft Aluminium Cufflinks

The 'Take Flight' cufflinks are repurposed aircraft aluminium cufflinks. The artist is inspired by the rich history of the aircraft and of aircraft engineering.

Jerry Moran is the designer that makes these cufflinks. The artist handmakes each one individually in Colorado. You can visit the artists blog to find out more about the process.

They are ultralight because of the materials and the production process in use. The aluminium is a mix of new and salvaged aircraft aluminium, rivets and other materials. Jerry cuts the material with a waterjet before polishing. He then polishes them using a five day process. He coats the cufflinks in sterling silver after he is finished polishing them.

A unique fashion accessory and a cool conversation piece. You will love these because they are so different and they can be worn almost anywhere.

Wear these yourself or give them as a gift for a special occasion. You can give them as a gift for almost any occasion.

These are a fantastic gift idea because they are so unique. You can give them to someone who has an interest in aircraft engineering because they are appreciate them. These are also a wonderful gift idea for someone who is difficult to buy for because they are so interesting. Any man who enjoys out of the ordinary items is sure to love these.

Repurposed Aircraft Aluminium Cufflinks

Repurposed Aircraft Aluminium Cufflinks

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