Recycled Jet Engine Conference Table

An absolutely amazing example of creative recycling. This Recycled Jet Engine Conference Table has been fashioned from a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet engine. If your conferences are getting a little boring then this is sure to brighten up the room! It was designed by a company in southern California named MotoArt. The table is set with internal multi colour LED lights. It also features phone holders and charging sockets.  A fully equipped conference table that provides comfort and a great working space. It's also really cool! 

Recycled Jet Engine Conference Table boeing-747-jumbo-jet-conference-table-motoart-3 boeing-747-jumbo-jet-conference-table-motoart-4 boeing-747-jumbo-jet-conference-table-motoart-5 boeing-747-jumbo-jet-conference-table-motoart-thumb640

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