9 reasons to buy a tumbler and help protect the environment

9 reasons to buy a tumbler and help protect the environment


Irrespective of where you go, a container for holding liquids, especially water, is a necessity. As a matter of fact, insulated drinkware has skyrocketed in popularity, and rightly so. From having a pristine and appealing look to being helpful for medical and environmental purposes, a tumbler is a useful and convenient object to carry wherever you go.

Enticing everyone from the corporate public to travelers, tumblers can be used to carry both hot and cold liquids as per your preference. That being said, here are a few reasons why you should definitely consider owning one.

1. A one-time investment to help protect the environment.

9 reasons to buy a tumbler and help protect the environment
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If you're in the habit of using disposal glasses, cups, or bottles, just take a second to think. We love these disposable items because they come cheap, but they end up harming the environment due to the waste they create. We may also end up spending more using them rather than saving money by opting for a permanent solution.

A tumbler is a superb one-time investment that helps safeguard the environment and also saves money spent on using one-use containers. You'd actually make a valuable contribution to preventing pollution. 

2. You can easily carry it anywhere

Given their compact size and lightweight frame, a tumbler will hardly take up space in your bag. Also, irrespective if you're carrying hot liquids, it'll help maintain the temperature due to its insulation abilities. A tumbler's portability, coupled with its impressive temperature retention capability, makes it a convenient and must-have device on trips.

3. Medical use

9 reasons to buy a tumbler and help protect the environment
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Medical liquids like insulin need to be stored at a cold temperature, and this becomes incredibly challenging if you're carrying it around in hot weather. An insulated tumbler helps maintain this temperature and offers protection to the liquids from the sweltering heat. 

4. You can clean them without any hassle

One major drawback of plastic liquid containers is that they're rather difficult to clean. If not cleaned properly, these bottles accumulate bacteria and many other germs that can cause food poisoning, upset stomach, and do much more harm to our health.

A tumbler eliminates this potential as it's easy to clean and ensures no bacteria or germs infest it. Since most of the tumblers are made of either steel or brass, there's no chance of bacteria growing on them, which makes sanitization a cinch.

5. Did we mention durability?

9 reasons to buy a tumbler and help protect the environment
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Being made of brass or steel means tumblers could go on for years before you may actually need to replace them. Also, they are built sturdy, so they're nothing short of a godsend for people prone to dropping things, as a heavy fall or two won't break them. That's precisely why insulated tumblers are great for athletes and children. They are indestructible, and you'll hardly find a scratch or a dent on their surface. 

6. They are free of chemicals

Bisphenol-A, or BPA as it's well known, is known to be present in plastic containers like cups or disposable bottles. This chemical can also cause a lot of health issues. Since stainless steel tumblers are BPA-free, you can rest assured you're putting your liquids in a safe place. 

7. Reusability

9 reasons to buy a tumbler and help protect the environment
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Another problem with plastic liquid containers is there's a very short time before they need to be disposed of. Most plastic is rendered unfit for use due to the various chemicals that tend to accumulate over time.

That further deems them unfit for recycling as well. One of a tumbler's greatest strengths lies in its reusability. They can be used for a very long time before it's time to dispose of them. And, if tumblers break, they are easily recyclable. 

8. And boy, they are stylish!

Trendy starts with the letter T, and so does tumbler. The sleek and shiny appearance of a tumbler gives it a premium look. Add to that; they also come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, so there's a plethora of options to choose the best one to suit your needs. 

There are tumblers made for storing particular liquids like coffee or water, but if you're looking for an economical alternative, you can also buy one that can hold all types of liquids. 

9. Pricing

Tumblers are available across a variety of price ranges, so you can easily choose one that avoids burdening your pocket. They are available for as low as under thirty bucks, but if you're looking for a high-end, fashionable alternative, you can also spend north of $70.


Tumblers are a one-size-fits-all solution, given their multiple benefits over their plastic counterparts. They are recyclable, durable, reusable, and safer to a great extent, in contrast to plastic bottles or cups. Opting for a tumbler is a great way to support the environment since they are environment-friendly. 

Adding a cherry on the cake, they are also trendy and stylish. If you're a health or environmental enthusiast, you're gonna have a hard time finding reasons not to buy one!

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