Radiation Resistant Dress

This radiation resistant dress features 99.9% shielding. All of the cloth has been made from radiation resistant material. The cloth is 45% cotton, 25% polyester and 30% metal fibre. It provides functional protection in a work, home or everyday environment. As an added bonus it is also very cute! This is a maternity dress that is designed to help protect mothers and unborn babies from harmful radiation. Surprisingly, people are exposed to radiation in their everyday lives more often than they realise. We all know it can be bad for you but are you really aware of how much radiation you and your loved ones are being exposed to?


There could be things inside your home that are emitting radiation. Most common household products that do emit radiation only emit a small amount. The danger is that you can never really know that for sure and even if you think your home is fine what about your workplace? Even when you are walking down the street you could be subjected to radiation. For example, did you know that many houses in America have high levels of radon? It is sometimes present in soil and it often enters homes through porous building materials.

Radon is a type of gas that is invisible and odourless. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. Do you have a stone counter in your kitchen? Counter tops can sometimes contain naturally occuring radioactive materials. Antique or vintage china can also be radioactive. Radioactive elements were often used in china glazes. This practice continued until the 1960s. Older green or yellow glass can be a problem as well. Other known sources of radiation in the home are clocks, old televisions.

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