PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

PowerUp Toys has introduced a new form of play by meshing origami classics with technology. This time they took a big leap forward, by integrating state-of-the-art Bluetooth Smart technology into their PowerUp design. Now you can easily control a simple homemade paper airplane with your smartphone. Say hello to the World’s First Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane - PowerUp 3.0.

PowerUp Toys launched with a singular aspiration: to test the limitations of timeless homemade toys with technology, to go beyond the possibilities that have confined the imaginations of kids, their parents, and their parents’ parents for oh-so long.

In 2011, Shai Goitein – Owner of TailorToys L.L.C and creator of the PowerUp Toys concept – made these thoughts a reality, developing PowerUp’s first product: The Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit. The propeller unit transforms your homemade paper planes into electric aircrafts capable of twisting and turning through open skies for 30 seconds or more - a paper airplane 2.0! NASA engineers are raving about PowerUp’s first eco-friendly, innovative design, which was awarded the ATA 2012 Best Hobby Product of the Year.e7aa12baa49b5ab20dd77c7a8c4d4251_largeSource: Shai Goitein/Kickstarter



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PowerUp 3.0 received the Popular Science Best of NY Toy Fair 2013 Award.

800_howdoesitwork2Source: Shai Goitein/Kickstarter

  1. Fold It: Simply fold a piece of copier paper into a paper airplane
  2. Attach It: Attach the Smart Module to your paper plane with the patented clips underneath the Smart Module.
  3. Connect It: Start the app to connect to the Smart Module with your iPhone.
  4. Fly It: Push throttle to full and launch the paper airplane high up into the sky. Tilt your smartphone to the left or to the right to steer your plane, increase or reduce throttle to go up or down.800X_testExploded_view

Source: Shai Goitein/Kickstarter

  • Crash-proof carbon fiber frame
  • Precision control for easy flying
  • Automatic thrust to assist when banking
  • Lithium Polymer Battery provides 10 minute of flight on one charge800X_Exploded_view_mobileSource: Shai Goitein/Kickstarter
  • Ascend/Descend using the throttle lever
  • Tilt iPhone right or left for maneuvering
  • Battery level indicator
  • Charging status indicator
  • Range indicator
  • Thrust level indicator
  • Artificial horizon

Air Traffic Control (ATC)

d2f50db449e67fb0d7f9714c1452414f_largeSource: Shai Goitein/Kickstarter

Tilt iPhone right or left for maneuvering.

Now they are ready to start production and put this innovative toy in your hands. By backing their team on Kickstarter - the leading crowdfunding platform - you will help them to reach their minimum order goal.

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