Drifter Portable Waterproof Sound System

Drifter Portable Waterproof Sound System

Take your music on every adventure with this portable waterproof sound system. Music is portable these days because most of us have music on our smartphones. If you are someone who loves your music and also someone who loves adventure this can mean your phone is in some risky places. This sound system is different because it is much more than just a wireless bluetooth speaker. You can operate it without your smartphone. If you would prefer to leave your phone at home or somewhere safe you can still access all of your music.

Portable Waterproof Sound System

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In order to access your music you will need to connect it to your wifi at home and download the music to it first. Download music from spotify, itunes, google play or any other music app that you like to use. You can then take the speaker with you and play from it while keeping your phone out of harms way. This is fantastic if you love the great outdoor and often spend time in places where there is little or no phone reception. Save your data and still play your favorite tunes.

The speaker floats and the built in touch screen means that it can operate in a stand alone way. Does not need to be plugged in or wirelessly connected to anything. The battery lasts for eight hours when it is fully charged so you will have a lot of listening time before it needs to be charged.

Drifter Portable Waterproof Sound System

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image source               Available at uncommongoods

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