Perfect Way To Cook A Frozen Steak

Have you ever forgotten to take your steak out of the freezer? It can be frustrating if you are throwing a BBQ or if you are really in the mood for steak! The good news is that you can avoid this problem with quite a simple method. The senior editor of Cook's Illustrated decided to test some frozen and some thawed steaks to find the Perfect Way To Cook A Frozen Steak. Watch the video to discover what he found out.

The science behind this is quite interesting. Frozen steak is, of course, very cold. So if you try to cook it as you would cook a thawed steak the meat beneath the surface takes longer to cook. Cooking a frozen steak can yield a steak that is dry and tough. Perfect Way To Cook A Frozen Steak

The solution to this problem is not to cook your steak differently, it is to freeze your steak differently. Click check it out for more great cooking tips and ideas.