Patent Pending Background Burner

If you are not a photoshop pro and would like to create professional looking images you will love this. The patent pending Background Burner removes background from your photos. This is an online tool that will be very useful. A great way to make your product photos look professional if you are an ebay seller. It instantly make the background of your photograph white or transparent. A handy tool. If you have ever taken a photograph that was ruined by a terrible background you will love this.carr

Here is what happened when I used the tool with some of my own photographs.Patent Pending Background Burner^ Kitty. The tool does supply a hand editing option at the end so you can finely tune any parts you don't like.Background-Burner_touchup It's very easy to poppy 2^Red Poppy. The original image is probably ok but the red looks striking on a white background. The tool is interesting to watch, a dragon burns away the background of your photo. It removes the background in several different ways so you can choose which one is best.MegGrad1_burnedll^Portrait, if you have a nice photo of someone that has a terrible background you can use the background burner to clean it up. Nice idea for your facebook profile picture.

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