Octagonal Bone Inlay Coffee Table

Octagonal Bone Inlay Coffee Table

The Octo Bone is an octagonal bone inlay coffee table featuring dyed camel bone. You will be happy to know that only ethically sourced camel bone is used to create this table. This is because only bone from camels that have died from natural causes is used. Every shipment of bone used to create these is certified cruelty free.

There are so many interesting things about this coffee table. Of course it is made from interesting materials but it looks interesting as well. The octagonal shape of the table makes it different to standard coffee tables. Standard coffee tables are generally square, rectangular, oval or round. Because of this and because of the striped design the effect is extremely unique. The design is also quite versatile and adaptable because of the black and white tone. This is because black and white works well with almost any decor.

A unique coffee table is great because the coffee table is often central in a room. This matters because the eye is immediately drawn to it making it an essential piece of decor in your home.

There are many different themes and design styles that this table will work well with. The zebra like pattern makes it a nice choice for an African or jungle theme. It is also a great addition to any room that features a striking combination of colors or black and white.

Octagonal Bone Inlay Coffee Table

bone coffee table

image source - mattblatt                                      Available at mattblatt

Octagonal Bone Inlay Coffee Table

image source - mattblatt                                      Available at mattblatt

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