Obsessive Chef Cutting Board For Perfectionists

Obsessive Chef Cutting Board For Perfectionists

If being precise is your thing you will love the Obsessive Chef cutting board for perfectionists.

Obsessive Chef Cutting Board For Perfectionists
Source: Amazon/Fred & Friends

It features a range of guidelines and angles so that you can cut your food exactly right.

Guides include sizes for dicing and slicing in common ways such as julienne, medium dice, and brunoise.

precision chef cutting board
Source: Amazon/ Fred & Friends

The lines will not fade with wear because they are burnished in and not printed.

This is a strong and durable bamboo cutting board that is very easy to clean. 

Bamboo is tough and environmentally sustainable so it is a great choice for a cutting board. 

The cutting board measures 9m inches by 12 inches. 

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