Now the Condoms Have a New Use; Protection of Opened Wine Bottles!

Now the Condoms Have a New Use; Protection of Opened Wine Bottles!

Have you ever thought about how much of a life-saver condoms are? And why something this effective and life-saving can only be used for, well, you know what. It's about time to change it!

Now, there's another kind of condoms, for wine! Yeah, you heard right, now condoms can also be used for wines because you know, protection is a must for everyone and everything!

Preserving opened bottles of wine can be really hard. These condoms, invented by a mother-son duo, will help you a lot in protecting and preserving the wine you opened but couldn't finish. 

Source: WINE CONDOM/Amazon

Also with the shrink fit technology it has, you can seal up almost any opened bottle. You don't have to buy different bottle stoppers for different sized bottles anymore, these condoms fit every kind of bottle. 

The tight seal of the condom keeps the oxygen out and liquid in. Thus, you'll be able to drink fresh wine any time you want, even if you opened the bottle days ago. 

It provides ultimate spill protection too! You can store the bottle upright or in a side-lying position, anyways, it's a lick-proof solution.  

Source: WINE CONDOM/Amazon

And think about the faces of your friends and family when you take a condom out and put it on the bottle. It would shock them while making them laugh. It can also make an amazing gift for Christmas, a birthday or other special occasions. Everybody should use protection! So why wait? Keep your loved ones safe by giving them wine condoms as a gift. 

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