New Rechargeable Cell Development

A New Rechargeable Cell Development is set to revolutionize the battery market. A Japanese research group has developed new technology capable of realizing an energy density approximately seven times higher than existing lithium batteries. It is claimed that this new discovery will lower the cost of batteries and make them safer. This newly developed cell will most likely be used to develop batteries for electric vehicles. New Rechargeable Cell Developmentimage via

Theoretically, the new batteries will have a capacity of 897mAh per 1g of the positive/negative electrode active material. As well as a voltage of 2.87V and theoretical energy density of 2,570Wh/kg.

The research group involved in this development is led by a professor at The University of Tokyo's School of Engineering. This group has been able to develop the battery because of several cool discoveries. Click check it out to read the details.

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