Neuromodulation Headache Therapy

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Tens of millions of people from all over the world suffer from debilitating migraine and cluster headaches. There are several different types of headaches including sinus, cluster, tension and migraine.
The most painful is the cluster headache. Until now there has been no effective way of treating cluster headaches. Cluster headaches are often recurring among sufferers and can be experienced on a daily basis. In some cases pain has been reported to be so severe that doctors have been concerned that patients may be at risk of suicide.

Migraine headaches can range from mildly to severely painful and are very, very common. It is said that they affect more than 28 million people and in the US alone approximately 113 million work days are lost because of migraine headaches every year. They can be managed with certain medications and Neuromodulation trials are currently in progress.

Neuromodulation headache therapy clinical trials have been so successful at treating cluster headaches that the therapy is number 2 on the list of top 10 innovations for 2013 as compiled at the 2013 Medical Innovation Summit.

Neuromodulation headache therapy is possible because of a miniature Neurostimulator invented by American researchers. This amazing device is implantable and it is capable of stimulating the SPG nerve bundle.

The SPG nerve bundle is located behind the bridge of the nose it has been known for more than 100 years that targeting this nerve bundle is often effective in relieving headache pain. There has been some success in treating headaches by targeting the SPG nerve bundle via other methods but the results have not been as effective as needed.

The Neurostimulator can be implanted without overly invasive surgery. It is implanted via a surgical incision in the gum. It is a remote control device than can be activated and deactivated by the patient when necessary.

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