Nautical Santa Claws Tree Ornament

Nautical Santa Claws Tree Ornament

This nautical santa claws tree ornament is different and fun. You will love this ornament if you celebrate Christmas by the sea because it is perfect for that. It features Santa riding a crab. This Santa is named Santa Claws instead of Santa Claus because it features a cute seaside pun. The 'Claws' part, of course, refers to the claws of the crab.

This may be a great ornament for you depending on where you live. It works because in many places around the world Christmas is celebrated during summer. Even if you do not live somewhere with Christmas in summer you might just like seafood!

This is a resin ornament that measures three inches across. If you like to decorate with tree ornaments that are unique and interesting then this one is a great addition to your collection. Nautical decor is popular in some places during the holiday season. This is no just because Christmas occurs in summer in some places. It is also because many people like to decorate in non-traditional ways. This is often done by combining traditional elements such as a tree with non traditional elements. You can do this by using interesting colors, themes or ornaments like this one.

Nautical Santa Claws Tree Ornament

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