Mysterious Object Discovered

Mysterious Object Discovered

Mysterious Object Stops the Worlds Biggest Tunneling Machine

An unknown mysterious object that is very big and very tough has been discovered in the mud underneath Seattle. The tunneling machine involved is known as Bertha. Bertha is 5 stories tall and 300 feet long. Engineers have not been able to identify the object, Bertha has been designed to be practically unstoppable but the machine has ground to a halt. There is much speculation about what the unidentified object might actually be. The most popular theory is that it may be a massive boulder left over from ice age glaciers, others think it may be a historical part of the city that was built over. There are some people who believe it may be Megatron ...

Bertha is a high tech tunneling machine that is operated by a crew of twenty people. It was being used to build a 3.1 billion dollar underground highway when it encountered the object.


This photograph of Bertha was taken just before the machine was lowered underground to begin digging in May.


This photograph shows workers walking through the first rings of the highway tunnel that is being built underneath Seattle.

Screen shot from Tunnel Talk's


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