Must Read Books For 2014

Must Read Books For 2014

Despite the advances of the modern era there are some forms of traditional entertainment that have remained popular throughout the years. One of these is reading, books have entertained and provided education for centuries and they continue to do so. Some people prefer the modern convenience of using a kindle or other suitable device while others like traditional books. Whatever you preference is, these are some of the best books around at the moment. Definitely worth checking out, some interesting stuff here.

1. Forgive Me,  Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick

A very interesting read, the central character Leonard Peacock plans to kill his best friend and himself. Despite this he is a very sympathetic, heartbreaking and unforgettable character. A great read.



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2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

This is a novel about the transition from high school to college. It involves two sisters that adapt at different speeds. A fun yet thought provoking book.



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3. Reality Boy by A.S King

The interesting story of a teenage boy and what he goes through as he struggles to cope with the consequences of a less than normal childhood.


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4. Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz

This is a fantasy novel that also appeals to non-fantasy fans. A family discovers a miracle that could save their dying son and brother.


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5. If You could Be Mine by Sara Farizan

A story of forbidden love.


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