Monster Merchandise Godzilla Humidifier

Monster Merchandise Godzilla Humidifier

This Monster merchandise Godzilla humidifier is an ultrasonic humidifier that is also a cool collectors item. It is a collectors piece because it is official merchandise. The Godzilla humidifier is based on Godzilla as featured in the 1992 movie Godzilla vs. Mothra. You will love this humidifier because it works well and looks cool. The Godzilla humidifier is cool because many on the market are quite boring to look at. Some can even be quite an eyesore. The Godzilla humidifier also plays music and sound effects from the movie. It is entertaining, collectable, cool and useful. Any Godzilla fan who uses a humidifier often is sure to enjoy it immensely.

The humidifier will turn itself off automatically when it runs out of water. The mist is blue because of the built in blue LED lights. This humidifier looks cool during the day and it is also pretty cool at night. You will love the way that this Godzilla lights up any room. If you have a child or a teen who needs a humidifier in their room then this is a cool option. It looks at lot more interesting than a plain humidifier that is designed for adults. Kids are sure to enjoy the blue mist.

Monster Merchandise Godzilla Humidifier

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