Mobile Truck Homes

Mobile truck homes by Unicat are ideal for travellers. They have off road capabilities. A combination of six wheel drive action and a luxury mobile home. A safe and comfortable vehicle that can take you where you want to go.KonzeptUnicat vehicles are built to last and equipped with a range of technical features that make them a premium choice. UNICAT vehicles are designed and built by a team of experts. Each one presents it's own challenges. Engineers and designers must consider the personal preferences of the client. It's also necessary to consider the type of environment the vehicle will need to withstand.uniccUnicat designers are known for developing cutting edge technical solutions for all-wheel-drive vehicles. Experts in the areas of engineering, cabinet making, heating, plumbing and interior design ensure that each vehicle is of the highest quality. homerwwEvery design presents it's own challenges and UNICAT is often required to develop creative solutions. The innovation required often includes designs for things such as security, safety or finding ways to ensure that the vehicle is not too heavy. Costly tools and parts are often developed exclusively to solve problems that arise.
Mobile Truck HomesThese are not just for recreational users. Unicat also designs amazing expedition vehicles like the one above. Places where people can live comfortably and work on the road.

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