Miniature Pinwheel Spinner Earrings

Miniature Pinwheel Spinner Earrings

You are sure to love these miniature pinwheel spinner earrings if you are someone who loves interesting jewellery. These are cool because they are so unique and cute. It is unlikely that anyone you know has a pair of these. They make a great gift idea for a loved one because it is such a unique item. You will also adore these as an addition to your own collection.

You will find these a great choice if you love carnivals, festivals or fairs. A cool way to get into the spirit of the occasion without being too over the top. These are not just cool because they are also made from high quality materials. The earrings have been created using quality sterling silver and grade 1 titanium.

This earring are handmade in Athens, Greece by the designer Panagiotis Gourlonis.  Panagiotis creates unique jewelry pieces that are innovative and inspirational. He created these spinner earrings because he remembers playing with spinners as a child. If you also have fond memories of fairs or festivals you will love the nostalgia associated with these earrings.

You will love the way these attract attention because they spin like real pinwheels. You can wear these anywhere because they are unique in a cool and discreet way. People are sure to comment on how cool they are.

Miniature Pinwheel Spinner Earrings

Miniature Pinwheel Spinner Earrings

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