Minecraft LEGO Ender Dragon

For Kids, Collectors or FansThe Minecraft LEGO Ender Dragon set is recommended for children over the age of eight years old. Also a cool, fun collectable item for adult fans of either LEGOMinecraft LEGO Ender Dragon or MinecraftMinecraft LEGO Ender Dragon.


  •   A Steve minifigure.
  •   3 Endermen.
  •   634 assorted LEGO pieces.
  •  Weapons, including a sword and a bow.
  •   A sand island.
  •   Ender Dragon.
  •   Dragon egg.
  •  Light-brick Ender Crystals.
  •  Obsidian pillar elements.
  • Accessories, including armor and a helmet.

Ender Dragon

The Ender DragonMinecraft LEGO Ender Dragon measures 8" high, 13" long and 13" wide.

Minecraft LEGO Ender Dragon

The Story

Seek out and defeat the dangerous Endermen and the Ender Dragon while wearing your diamond armor.  Use the diamond sword and bow to defeat your enemies and collect the dragon egg! The set can be used to create your own LEGO minecraft creations as well.

LEGO Minecraft set

LEGO cool dragon set

Where To Get It

The Minecraft LEGO Ender Dragon Set is available here:

LEGO Minecraft 21117 The Ender DragonMinecraft LEGO Ender Dragon

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