8 Mexican Style Succulent Garden Ideas

8 Mexican Style Succulent Garden Ideas

Mexican style succulent garden ideas are very popular all over the world. You can add a Mexican theme to an existing garden or create a Mexican garden from scratch. When choosing plants look for succulents and cactus as many of these do originate from Mexico.

Choosing a theme for your garden is a great idea because it is a wonderful way to find inspiration. When choosing a theme think about the overall style of your home. any existing garden decor and your personal preferences. If you choose based on these three elements you are sure to come up with something that is perfect for you.

Many succulents originate from mexico and those who like to plant cactus also often use a Mexican style theme. Ground covers such as sand or sandy colored rocks are perfect for this theme. If you live in a sandy area you may be able to get sand for free.

It is a good idea to plan your garden before you begin. Start by brainstorming ideas and then draw a small map of where things will be placed in your garden. Once you have done this make a list of the things that you will need to purchase. To save money, consider repurposing or reusing things that you already have. You can repaint some old pots or move some garden plants from elsewhere in your home. If you can not afford to purchase all of the things you need at once make a plan to build your garden. You can buy one piece each week and slowly build it exactly the way that you want.



Mexican Style Succulent Garden Ideas

Set Of Four San Diego Large Cactus Plants


image source                            Available at amazon

Any Mexican style garden needs some cactus and this set of four is a great place to start. Customers can choose from a set of 2, 3, 4, 5 or six. Consider the size of the area where you will create your garden and order an appropriate amount. Add some variety to your garden with this cute set of plants. There are some very amazing cactus plants around so you are sure to be able to find some that you love.


Mexican Style Succulent Garden Ideas

Sitting Mexican Garden Ornament

mexican garden ornament

image source - ebay                            Available at ebay

This adorable garden ornament features a classic mexican figure. Perfect for adding a Mexican vibe to any new or existing garden area. The ornament is 11cm x 8cm wide and 12cm high. It is made of concrete so it is durable and will stay firmly in place.


Mexican Style Succulent Garden Ideas

Mexican Snowball Succulent Plant

mexican snowball succulent

image source - amazon                            Available at amazon

Choosing the right plants is important because it helps to create the kind of vibe that you want. A mix of cactus, succulents and other desert plants is a great idea for any mexican garden. Succulents come in a very large variety of shapes, sizes and colors. You are sure to find some that will fit your space perfectly.


Mexican Style Succulent Garden Ideas

Vintage Wooden Cactus Planter

8 Mexican Style Succulent Garden Ideas

image source - ebay                            Available at ebay

If you do not have a lot of outdoor space then you can still create an amazing garden. This vintage cactus planter is a great choice because it is so unique and fits these theme perfectly.


Mexican Style Succulent Garden Ideas

Mexican Sun And Moon Garden Decor

mexican garden art

image source etsy                           Available at etsy

This beautiful garden decor piece has been hand painted by Mexican artists. It is just the thing to add some color and detail to any dull area of the garden.


Mexican Style Succulent Garden Ideas

Mexican Sugar Skull Garden Stone

Mexican sugar skull garden stone

image source etsy                           Available at etsy

This hand decorated Mexican sugar skull stone is perfect for your garden or to use as a doorstop. Display it in your garden alongside your plants or on an outdoor table.


Mexican Style Succulent Garden Ideas

Jade Plant

jade plant

image source amazon                           Available at amazon

A Jade plant is a great choice for any succulent garden. It looks great and is very easy to care for. This is also an inexpensive plant that is very easy to find. It is perfect for any style of garden because it is quite versatile. You can grow it outside or inside and you can plant it in a pot or in the ground.


Mexican Style Succulent Garden Ideas

Summer Orange Garden Chair

orange garden chair

image source mattblatt                            Available at mattblatt

Color is important when you are decorating or designing any area of your home. This is not just true inside your home but also in outdoor areas. Choosing the right colors sets the tone and can help you create the mood that you want.

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