Mattel Alpha Training Blue Robot Raptor

Mattel Alpha Training Blue Robot Raptor

The Mattel Alpha Training Blue Robot Raptor is a high tech toy that is fun, cool and very technologically advanced. This is a great toy because it is interactive and it features four cool modes of play. The play modes are training mode, RC mode, total control mode and guard mode. You will be amazed at the way this little raptor works and by the very cool things that it can do. Here is a breakdown of things that you can do using each of the four different play modes.

Training Mode

This fun mode of play allows you to train your robot raptor using a clicking sound. It is a lot of fun because there is a button on the control that the raptor responds to.

RC Mode

RC mode is cool because you can use to to control the raptors movements. It works the way it works wit a remote control vehicle. You can move the raptor forwards, backwards and sideways.

Total Control Mode

Total control mode is awesome because you can control all of the raptors movements. You can open and close it's eyes, move it's head and completely control the raptor.

Guard Mode

In guard mode there is a sensor that knows when prey is closeby. The controller will vibrate to alert you that prey is near so that you can issue commands.

Mattel Alpha Training Blue Robot Raptor

Mattel Alpha Training Blue Robot Raptor robot toy robot dinosaur toy trainable robot raptor Mattel Alpha Training Blue Robot Raptor robot rptor toy

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