Matrix PowerWatch X Powered by Body Heat

Matrix PowerWatch X Powered by Body Heat

The Matrix POWERWATCH X is a smartwatch that is compatible with both android and iphone. Amazingly it is powered by heat from your body. The human body naturally produces heat so when worn the watch is constantly being charged. This watch was created by a company named Matrix and it is available via their website.

Never Plug It In

It can be irritating when you need to take your watch off to charge it. The Matrix PowerWatch X never needs to be plugged in and never needs a new battery. It charges everyday as you wear it. You don't have to take it off unless you want to.

Matrix PowerWatch X Is Compatible With Android And iphone

When you buy a new phone you are free to choose any phone you want. You will not need to make sure it is compatible with your smartwatch. Some people prefer either Android or iphone but others may change phones occasionally. If this is you then you will love that this watch is so versatile.

How It Works

Chemical reactions in the human body produce heat and the Matrix PowerWatch X uses this heat. The watch does not require a lot of power to run and so body heat is more than able to power it.

Where To Get It

The Matrix PowerWatch X is a product from Matrix Industries inc. The company offers several different smart watches and pricing is quite competitive. The PowerWatch X is available for $279. Many smartwatches on the market are a lot more expensive than this. The company does ship worldwide.


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