Marvelous Silicone Inventions

Marvelous Silicone Inventions

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Silicone is a very versatile material that is heat resistant and easy to clean. It is also very flexible which makes it great for a wide variety of applications. More and more inventions are coming out that utilize silicone. A fair amount of them is for the kitchen. Here are some of the coolest inventions made out of silicone.

1. Food Huggers - Buy NowMarvelous Silicone Inventions

Source: Farberware/Amazon

Food huggers were designed to fit every type of fruit and vegetable you can imagine. Once the food has been cut open, you seal it with a food hugger to preserve it. What many creative people soon realized when these were released is that they also can seal off jars, cans, and other containers.

2. Silicone Strainer - Buy NowMarvelous Silicone InventionsSource: Norpro/Amazon

We have all been frustrated at some time or another with the traditional strainer. You have to dump your pot into the strainer or lift a hot, metal strainer out of the said pot. The silicon strainer sits inside your pot whether you are trying to boil or steam but because it is made out of silicone it will remain relatively cool. You can pull it right out of the pot without worrying about draining the container.

3. Unbreakable Wine Glasses - Buy NowMarvelous Silicone Inventions

Source: Silipint/Amazon

You might have seen an infomercial in the past about an unbreakable wine glass that you thought was too good to be true. Well, the silicone wine glass is just that, unbreakable. It is meant to bend and be depressed without breaking.

4. Silicone Beer Bottle Caps - Buy NowMarvelous Silicone Inventionsbeer saver

Source: Beer Savers/Amazon

The silicone beer bottle cap is the perfect way to save your beer. Most of the population has had at least one time when they wanted to save that beer (or root beer) but didn’t want it to go flat. With the beer saver cap, you can screw it back on a beer to save the carbonation.Marvelous Silicone Inventions

5. Silicone Collapsible Bucket - Buy NowMarvelous Silicone InventionsSource: Infusion Living/Amazon

Have you ever found yourself in need of a bucket? Maybe you need to put out a fire, transport tools or yard waste, or more likely you needed to build a sandcastle. With the collapsible bucket, you can have a bucket almost anywhere. It takes up no room at all to store.Marvelous Silicone Inventions

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