Making Your Social Area Great for Everyone

Making Your Social Area Great for Everyone

Every good employer knows that one of the best ways to boost employee happiness and productivity involves looking after them while they are on the premises. This means not only having a bulletproof health and safety policy but also providing a social area where they can get some much-needed rest and relaxation. What goes into a great social area? Here are a few ideas…

Comfortable Seating

Making your employees feel comfortable can lead to renewed productivity after a break, and the key to this is a relaxed seating area.

Installing a mix of comfy chairs and sofas for people to chill out on and enjoy a well-earned refreshment break can be just the thing that’s needed to allay any stresses from the workday. Similarly, placing a number of small tables around the area for lunchers to sit, eat and socialize can create a mood of togetherness too.

Put The Kettle On!

If providing basic amenities such as tea and coffee facilities, kettle, toaster and microwave it’s important to make sure they are all clean, working properly and regularly PAT tested to comply with Health and Safety legislation.

Vending machines should also be kept fully stocked and working and you won’t believe the buzz that can be created when their contents are switched every now and again. Though most employees use the kitchen area for socializing as well as eating, a TV can go a long way towards easing the workday pressure too and always provides conversation.

Something For Everyone

Depending on the size, your social area should have something for everyone. If you want to tick all the boxes, you might choose to have bright lighting and a pool table and at the other end, there could be a quiet area with subtle lighting for those who prefer to sit quietly, unwind a little and read during their break. Whatever style or accessories you populate your social area with, always make sure that staff keeps it clean and tidy.

A Social Area Is Not Just For Socialising

When people come together it is not just to gossip around the water cooler! The time can be used to share knowledge, mentor and encourage trainees, and, most of all to bond together as a group. A well-thought-out social area is a great way to facilitate all this and more.

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