How To Make A Raw Egg Bounce

Raw eggs can bounce without breaking. Read on if you would like to learn how to make a raw egg bounce. This is a simple and fun trick that can be used to teach a child who is learning about science. Or you could do it just for fun.

You will need two glasses, two eggs, a bowl, some water and some vinegar. Put one whole egg into a glass of vinegar and one into a glass of water. Note that both of your eggs look exactly the same. Leave your eggs in the glasses for a few hours and then check them. What you will see is that the egg in the vinegar is covered in bubbles. Almost like a fizzy drink. How To Make A Raw Egg Bouncevia

This is because egg shells contain calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate is being disolved by the vinegar. If you touch the egg in the vinegar you will notice that it does not feel like a normal egg anymore.

Leave the eggs in the vinegar and water for seven days and then check on them again. Take both of the eggs out of the glasses and compare the difference. The vinegar egg will look and feel like a bouncy rubber ball. After you have done this drop the egg that has been soaking into vinegar into a bowl it will bounce!! bounceeggvia

Congratulations you are now the owner of a bouncy egg :)

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