Major Scale Musical Wine Glass Set

Major Scale Musical Wine Glass Set

This major scale musical wine glass set is sure to be a hit at parties. You can play a full eight part scale and serve drinks because you need to fill to the line in order to play the notes. To play simply run your finger around the edge of each glass.

A wonderful gift idea for anyone who loves to entertain. Give it alone or give with a bottle of fine wine because this makes it and extra special gift.

Show of your musical skills or give all of your guests a glass each to create a wine glass symphony. These are not just high quality glasses because they also make a fun party game. Everyone is sure to enjoy how cool these are to drink from and use. Sheet music is included so that you or your guests have something to play. You can find more music to play on your glasses by visiting the url that will be included in the package.

The glasses are of high quality because they are made of lead free crystal. Sandblasted fill lines are etched into the glasses in order to mark the notes.

The glassware used is made in Germany and the packaging is 100% recyclable and it is compostable.If environmentally friendly packaging is important to you then you will appreciate this.

Major Scale Musical Wine Glass Set

Major Scale Musical Wine Glass Set

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