MacBook Rainbow Keyboard Cover: It's Time Your Keyboard Donned An Impressive Look

MacBook Rainbow Keyboard Cover: It's Time Your Keyboard Donned An Impressive Look

There’s no denying that Steve Jobs’ brainchild has managed to charm millions throughout the globe, and continues to do so even today. The mere rapture of using an Apple product is one worth cherishing, especially if you’ve just moved on from Windows to the iOS ecosystem. 

The MacBook happens to be one of Apple’s standard products. As sheeny and stylish as it looks, you’d think there could hardly be any way to further beautify it. When thinking about customization, the standard laptop stickers come to mind. However, you can personalize that shiny keyboard with the Macbook Rainbow Keyboard Cover.

 Embracing the Norm - The Rainbow Keyboard Cover

Keyboard cover
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Personalization in tech products has been standardized throughout the years. People nowadays love to customize the appearance of their tech assets, and the MacBook hasn’t been left out in this trend. 

The Rainbow Keyboard Cover is designed specifically to enhance the aesthetics of your MacBook. Although termed as stickers, it’s more like a long keyboard cover that has rainbow shades over the keys. 

But, Why Do You Need This Cover?

Water spilled on keyboard cover
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The cover safeguards your keyboard from getting any finger marks, dust, or any normal wear and tear damage. Furthermore, it also doesn’t leave any residue when removed from the keyboard. 

To apply the cover, all you need to do is peel the sticker off the backing paper and position it. It doesn’t get any easier than this, does it?

Let’s Get Into Some Features…

cover for MacBook keyboard
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First and foremost, you need to rest assured if you’re worried about the cover compromising your typing experience. The 0.3 mm (0.011 inches) thickness of the cover makes sure you’re able to type as smoothly with precision as you did before. In fact, the thickness also plays a vital role in reducing the typing noise. 

Imagine if you spill tea, coffee, or any other food particles on the keyboard. Apart from cleaning the mess, there is a high probability your keyboard is damaged and won’t work as it did before. You might need to fork out a hefty chunk of money to get the keyboard repaired. 

If a coffee mug is a constant companion to your MacBook, this keyboard cover is a necessity more than just a choice. You can easily remove and wash it for reuse, thanks to the efficient, waterproof and washable silicone material of the cover. 

Does This Cover Fit Your MacBook?

If you’ve already made up your mind to buy this cover, make sure your MacBook model is on in here.

The MacBook Rainbow Keyboard Cover is compatible with the MacBook Air 13-inch Magic Keyboard with Touch ID.

The models it works with are as follows:

  1. A2179 
  2. A2337

The M-1 processors compatible with this cover are:

  1. MWTJ2LL/A
  2. MVH22LL/A
  3. MWTL2LL/A
  4. MWTK2LL/A
  5. MVH52LL/A
  6. MVH42LL/A

The Rainbow Keyboard Cover is NOT compatible with:

  1. 2019 and 2018 MacBook Air 13-inch models A1932
  2. 2015 or older version MacBook Air 13-inch models A1369 and A1466

Personalization is already taking over, and the MacBook Rainbow Keyboard Cover is one of the best things to buy if you don't wish to miss out on the trend!

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