Luxurious Island Yacht Design Concept

This Luxurious Island Yacht Design Concept is a truly magnificent example of creative design It was designed by a UK firm named Yacht Island Design Ltd. Luxurious Island Yacht Design Concept The idea behind the concept is to combine a tropical island with a luxury yacht. New-Concept-in-Luxury-Yachting-The-Yacht-Island-01It incorporates island features such as bamboo huts with modern comforts and luxuries. There is also a beach deck which would allow certain popular water sports. New-Concept-in-Luxury-Yachting-The-Yacht-Island-02Indoor entertainment includes cinemas, a games room and a library. Holiday luxuries such as fine dining and a fully equipped gym are also included in the design. New-Concept-in-Luxury-Yachting-The-Yacht-Island-04 New-Concept-in-Luxury-Yachting-The-Yacht-Island-06New-Concept-in-Luxury-Yachting-The-Yacht-Island-08 New-Concept-in-Luxury-Yachting-The-Yacht-Island-09 It is like a moveable island. In order to recreate a natural island feel the yacht features a waterfall, a mountain stream and a beautiful valley pool as well as a replica volcano.

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