Lovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories

Lovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories

The Heart Of Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home as it is a room that everybody uses. Often with busy modern lifestyles families often only get together at mealtimes. This is why kitchen decor is important, you want everyone to enjoy using and being in the kitchen. Decorating your kitchen doesn't necessarily have to involve boring everyday equipment. You can find many lovely kitchen accessories that perform everyday tasks and look really cool.

You will want to consider the overall theme of your home before deciding on what kind of kitchen accessories you want. Also where you live is something you need to think about. It's also important to consider how many people use your kitchen and how often it is used. If your kitchen is used a lot you will want accessories that are sturdy and long lasting.

There are many different themes that you can use when decorating your kitchen. Some popular ones are beac themes, country themes, food themes and also themes that are color based.


Cherry Measuring Spoons

A set of measuring spoons that have been made to resemble a bunch of cherries. Perfect for any kitchen featuring red decor or for a country style home. You will love using these when decorating cupcakes or doing anything else in the kitchen that you enjoy.

Check it out here - Mon Cherry Measuring Spoons and Egg Separator by OtotoLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories



Astronaut Cut Fruit Or Vegetable Saver

A fun and functional astronaut food keeper to help you save on waste and keep cut fruit or vegetables fresh for later use.

Available here -  Astro-Fruit&veggie keeper (white)Lovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories


Adorable Sponge Keeper

It is common practice to store sponges in a cabinet under the sink as they can look messy when left around. This cute sponge holder can help keep your sponge within reach without looking messy. Unique and lovely kitchen accessories such as this encourage people to put things in their place. This makes cleaning easier.

Available here -  Clean Dreams Kitchen Sponge Holder by OtotoLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories


Lovely Kitchen Accessories - Bamboo Spice Tower

Check it out online here -  BACKKTCL Bamboo 3-Tiered Seasoning Spice Salt Storage Box With Removable Rotating Magnetic LidLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories

Made of laminated strips of bamboo which is a renewable and tougher resource than wood. Designed to allow storage of three different salts or spices in a way that is handy when you are preparing food. A great way to keep your most often uses seasonings nearby.

lovely kitchen accessories

Soy Sauce Bird

Image via amazon -A di Alessi Lily Bird Soy Sauce ContainerLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories

Lovely kitchen accessories such as this can be used on the table. Sure to impress guests or your family.


Cute Doggy Corn Holders

Available online here -Charcoal Companion Wiener Dog Corn Holders (8 Pieces) - Perfect Gift For Dachshund Lovers - CC5009.Lovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories

These super cute corn holders will make your corn easier to eat and they are so cool! Truly lovely kitchen accessories don't just look great but they also make your life easier. These corn cob holders will take the mess out of eating corn.

Lovely Kitchen Accessories - Beautiful Mugs

Serve tea or coffee in beautiful mugs. This makes the experience much more enjoyable. Guests will love being served their beverage in such a special mug. Also makes coffee breaks extra special for you and your family. Children adore this also and they are great for hot chocolate.


Panda Mug

Check it out online here -Decodyne Wildlife Series Coffee Mug (Panda)Lovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories

A beautiful 3d panda mug that is sure to brighten up any kitchen. Available in a frog design and a parrot design too as shown below. Lovely kitchen accessories such as this beautiful mugs make great gift ideas for most occasions.


Frog Mug

image via


Parrot Mug

image via


Pistachio Server

Available online here - Ototo Pistachio Nuts and Seeds Serving Melamine Bowl SetLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories

If you love pistachio nuts you will love this. A wonderful serving set for snacks that you will enjoy using. The way that we serve food is truly important. Lovely servingware makes mealtimes and snack seem like a treat.


Lemon Slice Steam Release

Available here - Slice Steam Releaser By OtotoLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories

Lovely Kitchen Accessories - Rocking Horse Cookie Cutter


Available here - Luckies of London Monkey Business OT786 Sweet Pony Cookie Cutter by OtotoLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories

This is cool if you love horses or have small children. Not just a great kitchen accessory but also fun to use for a child who likes playdough. Lovely kitchen accessories like this one inspire you to want to spend more time in the kitchen.


Olive Oil Pourer

Perfect to use when cooking or to serve homemade oil based salad dressings. Sure to get a lot of use if you cook with olive oil often.

Available here - Alessi "Fior d'olio" Pourer For Olive Oil Bottle in 18/10 Stainless Steel Mirror Polished And Thermoplastic Resin With Taster in Glass, SilverLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories


Orange Peeler

A simple to use perfect solution to peeling oranges. Citrus fruits are full of nutrients and some are easy to peel such as mandarins. Oranges and lemons can be difficult to peel.

Available here - Alessi Apostrophe Orange PeelerLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories


Chilli Cruncher

A cute chilli cruncher that has been designed to look like chilli. Even if you keep it in a drawer with other bits and pieces it will be easy to spot.

Get it here - A Di Alessi Pinccantino Chili CruncherLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories


Lovely Kitchen Accessories - Modernist Fruit Bowl

If you love innovative modern design then this fruit bowl is for you. The perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Holds your fruit and doubles as a stand out decorative piece.

Check it out here - Alessi "Stanza Dello Scirocco" Fruit Holder, BlackLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories


Silver Spoon Rest

This beautiful silver spoon rest has a modern, abstract appeal. If your kitchen features lots of modern metallic finishes it will blend in perfectly.

Available online here - Alessi Blip Spoon RestLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories


Flower Steam Releaser

Lovely kitchen accessories that are useful and pretty are great to have. You will love the way this steam releasing daisy works and the way it looks.

Where to get it Flower Power Steam ReleaserLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories


Tea Rex Infuser

This adorable tea infuser is a wonderful gift idea for anyone who loves to drink tea. A very cute and useful kitchen accessory item that you are sure to love.

Available here - DCI Tea Rex Tea Infuser, T Rex Tea InfuserLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories


Lovely Kitchen Accessories - Bird Salt And Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers are a necessity any time you set the table. This sweet set is sure to be appreciated by everyone who uses it.

Get them here - A di Alessi Paradise Birds Salt and Pepper ShakerLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories

Lovely Kitchen Accessories - Dinner Sets

Choosing the right dinner set makes a huge difference when it comes to serving food. Dinner sets are available in many different colors, shapes and sizes so you will be able to find one that is perfect for you. Where you live may have an impact on what you choose as will your personal style and preferences.


Thomas Paul Dinner Plates

A set of four dinner plates featuring an ocean theme. If you live in a beach house or are looking for special dinnerware to use when you serve seafood these are perfect. They are made from melamine so are fine to use if you have children.

Available to purchase here - Thomas Paul Vineyard Dinner Plates, Set of 4Lovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories


Lovely Kitchen Accessories - Pink Rose Dinner Set

A delicately designed 32 piece dinner service. Perfect for spring or for a country home. Enhance it even further by decorating your table with fresh pink roses.

Check it out here - Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose 32 Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 8Lovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories

Home + Pets


Star Vine Dinner Service

A modern, festive design for everyday dinner celebrations. Very unique modern country styled colors perfect for any dinner occasion.

Available here - Star Vine Dinner Plate SetLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Towels - Lovely Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen towels are often displayed on drying racks or as wall art. Coordinating kitchen towels can give your kitchen a lift and add some style.


This pink rose calendar tea towel is perfect for using or displaying. Also a beautiful gift idea.

Available here - Rose Calendar Towel


Available online here - Kay Dee Designs F0735 Sea Life's Beauty Whale Embroidered Tea TowelLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories

Ocean themes are popular in beach houses. Sometimes ocean themes centre around a particular icon such as a whale or a shell. They can also incorporate anything that symbolizes the ocean. This lovely whale kitchen towel works well either way.


Perfect for a country kitchen. This horse kitchen towel features a beautiful horse design and classic country colors. A high quality 100% cotton towel.

Get it here - Kay Dee Designs A8498 Mare & Foal Horses Flour Sack TowelLovely and Unique Kitchen Accessories


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