Leather Keyring Headphone Holder

Leather Keyring Headphone Holder

This Leather Keyring Headphone Holder is perfect for keeping your headphones nearby. Any music lover will appreciate this because it is frustrating when you can't remember where you put your headphones. It can be annoying trying to find them in your handbag or your room. With this headphone holder you will always know where they are. You can attach the keyring to your keys or simply hang them on your key rack alone so that you know where to find them.

A great gift idea for anyone who enjoys music because they will always be able to find their headphones easily. If you are giving a device such as a smartphone as a gift this is a great little item to include with it.

You can keep your headphones in good condition for longer because it keeps them safe. When you keep your headphones in your packet, handbag or elsewhere they can often be damaged. Wear and tear is minimised when they are stored conveniently and protected from tangling.

If you like interesting or vintage items you will like this because it has a classic vintage style.

It is made of high quality leather and is very durable. The keyring itself is made of heavy duty metal so that it can last for a long time.

Leather Keyring Headphone Holder

Leather Keyring Headphone Holder

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