Latest Hologram Sightings

Many of you reading this probably already know what a hologram is. For those of you who are not quite certain how they work I will give a brief explanation before I begin. To put it simply, a hologram is a three dimensional photograph. A holographic image can be created by combining 2-dimensional pictures of the same thing showing different reference points. To read more about holograms and how they work visit Here are some of the latest hologram sightings .. interesting stuff!


Holograms have been used for some very creative purposes. Here is some is some interesting stuff that has been done with holograms recently.

Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the Prime Minister of Turkey. On the 26th of January he delivered a speech. This was no ordinary speech, the minister addressed the nation as a giant hologram in the sky. So cool! The video is below.

If you have ever thought it might be cool to be able to create holograms of yourself then you may have the opportunity in the near future. A company named Leia has been developing the first system in existance that allows people to create their own holograms. Leia has already successfully created 3D interactive hologrsm machines. The company is now working on a holographic telephone operating system. It is estimated that it will be available on the market within the next five years. Your Star Wars dreams may soon become a reality ! Interestingly, the company is named after Princess Leia.

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