Largest Dam In The World

The Largest Dam In The World is located in China and it features the biggest concrete structure on earth. The Three Gorges Dam is sixty stories tall with a length of more than two kilometers. It took more than seventeen years to build the dam and around forty thousand workers were needed. This is a hydroelectric dam that has an electric generating capacity of 22, 500 MW.three-gorges-dam viaWater-is-discharged-from--007via

^ Floodwater being released from the dam.genvia

^ A turbo-generator located on the underground operational floor.damnviaLargest Dam In The World


The main body of the dam was completed in 2006 and it was fully functional in July of 2012. The project was quite controversial because some cultural and archaeological sites were destroyed so that it could be built.

Over all the project is regarded as a great success by the Chinese government. It is considered to be an historic engineering achievement as well as a social and economic success.

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