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Kisai Spider Acetate Watch

Kisai Spider Acetate Watch

This cool, innovative watch design was inspired by a spiders web. It features some very interesting stuff such as an unconventional digital time display. The transparent LCD screen displays four numbers that display the time in a very unique way. The watch has been described by some as being the hardest watch to read in the world. This is a groundbreaking timepiece that has attracted a lot of attention from all over the world. The display includes LED lights that can be used to illuminate the watch at the touch of a button. The LCD display is always on, you don't need to press a button to see the time, the LED light feature is for the purpose of being able to see the watch in the dark.

The Kisai Spider Acetate Watch is a light weight watch that is comfortable to wear. It is available in four different color combinations - white with black LCD, white with red LCD, white with green LCD and white with blue LCD. It is a unisex design and you can customise the display by choosing between 12 or 24 hour time modes. The adjustable strap is made from PU leather effect material.



spider-blue-lcdBlue LCD




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