Interesting Wall Hooks

Interesting Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are quite practical items when you don't have enough space in your home and in the office. You can hang jackets, handbags, towels or any other item that you can think of.

It's true that they usually look pretty boring but the world has bestowed us, humans, some creative designers to have come up with cool alternatives.

These interesting wall hooks are extraordinary and sure to attract attention. Some are very quirky and bright while others are just simply cool. No matter what taste you have in decorating your house, you can find an interesting one to choose from this list.

Interesting Wall HooksSource: sph/Amazon

These hooks are inspired by shurikens, Japanese weapons that are thrown in the opposite direction to distract or misdirect their enemies. They get stuck in walls so why not make good decorations in style?

Interesting Wall Hooks

Source: Amazon

What about stabbing the wall? Literally...

Interesting Wall HooksSource: ChasBete/Amazon

And this is not a bad idea at all; here is a smart inspiration to pep up your plain and boring walls. 

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