Interesting Things Made From Wood

Interesting Things Made From Wood

It is not uncommon to see items made from wood but these interesting things made from wood are certainly out of the ordinary. Wooden items such as furniture are common because we see them everyday. You will love these items if you appreciate unique things because all of them are quite unique. These are great display pieces in addition to being wonderful and interesting gift ideas.

Modern items that look like vintage items are great wherever you use them. This is because they give you the look you want as well as the function that you need.


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Interesting Things Made From Wood - Watches

These are interesting wooden items because watches like this are not usually made from wood. These wristwatches feature a modern design and you can choose from ebony, maple or red sandalwood. This is a cool gift idea for someone who appreciates unique items. Watches are a classic choice as a gift item but are often avoided because they are such a common choice. These wooden ones are a great alternative because of how interesting and unique they are.


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Interesting Things Made From Wood - Hanno The Gorilla

Hanno is a gorilla designed by an award winning designer named David Weeks. This gorilla has elastic band muscles and can be posed in many different ways. Hanno is made of sustainably harvested new growth Beech wood. A wonderful display piece for your home or for your office. This is a cool office decoration because it is unique and fun.


wooden tricycle

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Interesting Things Made From Wood - Childs Tricycle

This 2 in 1 balance trike is made from bamboo. It converts to a two wheel bike so that you can advance your child as they grow. It is comfortable, easy to ride and easy to convert when the time comes. Usually you would need to buy a second bike when your child is ready to ride with only two wheels. This convertible tricycle is great because it eliminates the need to do that.

wooden keyboard

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Interesting Things Made From Wood - Bamboo Keyboard

Add to any rustic or industrial styled office with this bamboo keyboard. This is a look that also goes very nicely with a zen style room that features nature scenes or live plants. It is waterproof and the keys have been engraved using laser technology. This is a wireless keyboard that connects to your computer via bluetooth and the mouse requires 2 AAA batteries.

wooden lamp

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Interesting Things Made From Wood - Cherry Wood Speaker Lamp

This is a modern lamp with modern features and it has cherry wood shade. It is equipped with a powerful bluetooth speaker that delivers amazing sound quality. There is a wireless phone charger built into the base. The wireless charger is designed to work with most modern smartphones. It is compatible with all bluetooth devices and apart from all this it is a great lamp. The lamp itself features stepless dimming so that you control the ambience of the room.

wooden pet house

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Interesting Things Made From Wood - Wooden Pet House

We all want our pets to be happy and comfortable because we love them. Unfortunately many pet beds and cushions are unsightly so we tend to put them in out of the way places. This one is different because it look great so you do not need to hide it away. You can be sure that it will look great wherever it is because the design is so cool. It is made of 13 pieces of wood that have been put together to make a cool geometric shape. This bed is for cats or dogs and it is made from paulownia wood.

natural wood chair

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Interesting Things Made From Wood - Handcrafted Vintage French Chair

You will love this if you love vintage items because it was designed in the 1960s. In addition to being a unique collectible piece it is also in excellent condition. This is a specialty item because it is not something you can find at your local furniture store.

Interesting Things Made From Wood

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Interesting Things Made From Wood - Apple Pad & Quill Pencil Holder

You will enjoy having this in your office because it is unique and multifunctional. It is important to surround yourself with things you love when you are in the office because it promotes productivity. This is a one piece wooden item made from FSC certified walnut hardwood. It does look like an old school item but it has many modern features that you will find useful. This stand is designed to hold your apple pencil because you will want to be able to find it easily. It is also a charger so you can charge the pencil while it is resting. You will appreciate this if you have used other apple pencil chargers because they are small and easy to misplace.


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