Interesting Hidden Meaning Logos

There are many well known logos that appear to be simplistic designs made up of basic shapes, colors and text. It is very easy to overlook the genius involved in creating an amazing logo. Here are some logos that you have probably seen before without even realising the hidden meaning or aspect that it encompasses. Many Logos of these represent some very interesting stuff indeed! There are many other cool logos around besides these of course, much more thought is put into logo design than many people realise.

1901950fae96e2332679927e9769cc7b^^^ The FedEx logo is simple, bold text in purple and orange. Seems like a straight forward, eyecatching design with no hidden features. Now look closely at the space between the E and the x, the space is in the shape of an arrow. This was included for the purpose of representing movement towards the future.

ama^^ The Amazon logo, most people are familiar with the logo which at first glance appears to be just text and an arrow. Now lets look more closely. You will notice that the arrow points from the letter a to the letter z this is deliberate. It is a representation of the wide range of products that are available at amazon.

apple^^^ The apple logo has to be one of the must widely recognized logos in the the world. It is simply an apple with a bite taken out of it. It also has a meaning that not everyone knows about. The idea of the apple was taken from the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. It represents knowledge, fruit from the tree of knowledge.

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