Innovative Nine Car Garage

Have you got so many cars that you don't know where to keep them all? If so then this Innovative Nine Car Garage might be just the idea you are looking for! If not then check it out anyway, it's very cool! This garage is located in a Tokyo house that was designed by No 555 Architectural Design Office.  The garage is located on the bottom floor of the house and a specially designed car lift lifts cars in and out of the garage. When the car lift is not in use it converts back to normal floor space so the room can be used for other purposes.Innovative Nine Car Garage home-Grage-2 home-Grage-3 home-Grage-4 home-Grage-5 home-Grage-6 home-Grage-7 home-Grage-9 home-Grage-10 home-Grage-11