Summer Vibes

Innovative Low Budget Housing

This innovative low budget housing option is suitable for use in almost any location. It is a tiny wooden house that is designed to contain only what is necessary. It is made to provide low cost comfort and ease of use. houseThe simplistic design means that it can be put together by almost anyone who knows how to use a screwdriver. It has been claimed that assembling this house is easier than assembling a standard bookcase. A fantastic idea for students, guests and country excellent idea as a retreat for teenagers. Many people who have purchased this little house have done so in order to create extra space without having to house comes fully furnished and is delivered via helicopter to your destination. An inexpensive way to build a home away from home that you can escape to. Parts are numbered for easy assembly and detailed instructions are supplied. Considering it's size it is amazingly comfortable for one person. It features a bed, a sink and other necessities.Innovative Low Budget HousingThere are so many uses for this creative house that it is impossible to list them all.