Incredible Body Paintings

Trina Merry is a San Francisco based artist who specializes in incredible body paintings. trina-merry-3[2]She has been responsible for producing  some very striking and unique works of art. The pictures you see here are from a series named the Human Motorcycle Project. The bikes and vehicles are made of naked human bodies that have been painted.trina-merry-4[6]The images created for the Human Motorcycle Project were used as promotional material for the Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2013.  The 2013 show was held in New York and it show cased many motorcycle related things from all over the world.trina-merry-1[2]trina-merry-5[6]trina-merry-6[6]The Human Motorcycle Project is not the only cool body painting series that Trina Merry has created. Her latest artwork is called Metamophisis. It is pictured below.Metamorphisis_01Here are some more cool body painting pieces also created by Trina Merry.Incredible Body Paintings^Blue WillowBodypainting-Martay-William-album-cover-650x650^Martay William’s album cover

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