Hydrophobic Rain Repellent

Hydrophobic Rain Repellent

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Green Earth Technologies 1214 G-Clean Hydrophobic Rain Repellent - 3 oz

Hydrophobic rain repellent can greatly improve driver visibility during hazardous weather conditions. It contains nano sized particles that work by penetrating your cars windshield and forming a thorough bond which repels rain, snow, ice and grime in order to maximise visibility so that you can be safer on the road. It is environmentally friendly and all of the ingredients are 100% bio-based. The University of Michagans Transport Research Institute has studied hydrophobic rain repellent and discovered that using a hydrophobic rain repellent while driving has the potential to improve driver visibility a great deal.

This is fantastic news for anyone who spends a lot of time driving in wet weather conditions. The repellent is very easy to use, simply spray the product onto a clean windshield and then dry it with a clean paper towel. For best results ensure that you follow the included instructions. This patent pending treatment fills the microscopic surface of windshield glass and makes it too slick for water, ice, snow or grime to stick to. Car accidents happen way too often and any step you can take to keep safe is a good step!

Harness the power of nanotechnology and dehydrogenation today! Each treatment lasts for up to six moths and the bottle contains enough repellent for several treatments.

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