How To Win A Water Balloon Fight

Find out  How To Win A Water Balloon Fight by using one of these cool tricks. You can Fill 100 Water Balloons In Less Than 60 Seconds. Your opponents can probably fill about four if they are doing it the old fashioned way. Water balloons are fun, but winning is fun too! Now you can cool off in the summer and enjoy being victorious!How To Win A Water Balloon Fightimage via

Watch the Bunch O Balloons commercial below to see how it can be done. Bunch O Balloons is a cool invention that allows you to fill 25 balloons at once. Unfortunately it is currently out of stock due to popular demand. Here is the link if you want to check later to see if they have more - LINK. Scroll down for some other amazing, fast options.

water^ These self sealing water balloons will certainly help you pick up your game. Simpy fill them and then throw them, no need to spend time tying them! These only cost about $6 and they come with the filling nozzle. ~ CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT

water bombs^ Another great way to get ahead of your opponents is to use these giant water bombs. They are huge! CLICK TO CHECK THEM OUT

If you need some inspiration for your next water balloon fight check out this video by the Slow Mo Guys. It's a slow motion video of a water fight involving 1500 hundred people.

wfightlauncher^ If you're super serious about winning a team water fight then this launcher may be the thing for you. This is the Beast 300-Yard Water Balloon Cannon Launcher. It's sure to give you an edge on the competition!

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