Harry Potter Ceramic Spice Jar Set

Harry Potter Ceramic Spice Jar Set

This cool ceramic Harry Potter spice jar set is sure to add a magical touch to your kitchen. These are an excellent gift for any Harry Potter fan because they are useful and fun. There are four storage jars in the set that feature the Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw symbols. This is officially licensed merchandise that any fan or collector will love.

These make a cool gift alone or with other Harry Potter merchandise. You can fill them with candy because candy is a gift that most people enjoy. If you want to create a cool Harry Potter gift pack, you can find other cool kitchen items, books, DVDs, toys, and many other cool items.

You do not have to store spices in these because they can be used to store any small things. Use them to store paper clips, potions, powders, brews, or anything that takes your fancy. Because these look so cool, you will not want to hide them away in a cupboard. You can display them on a shelf in the kitchen or on your desk at the office. Because you can store so many different things in them, they are useful almost anywhere.

The jars store your contents safely because each comes with a stopper lid that is lined with cork. Storage jars are always useful around the home for a variety of reasons.

Harry Potter Ceramic Spice Jar Set

harry potter spice jars

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