Handy Compact Magnetic Headphone Mount

Handy Compact Magnetic Headphone Mount

This handy compact magnetic headphone mount makes it easy to store your headphones. It can be difficult to find a convenient place to store headphones because of their shape. You want them to be easy to access but it is also important that they are stored safely. Headphones can be expensive and if you have purchased a great set then you probably don't want to throw them in a drawer or leave them laying on your desk.

Your headphones can become damaged accidentally when they are in a draw or laying in your desk. Storing them in a drawer is also probably very inconvenient. This is because they take up a lot of room in a draw and because they are not easy to access. With this convenient stand they will be standing by so that you can use them at any time.

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The powerful magnets allow you to easily attach the stand to any metal surface. You will find that the stand is a flexible and safe place to store your headphones because it is made of durable silicone. The headphone mount is available is four different colors so you can coordinate it with your existing office decor. Choose from black, white, red or blue to suit your preference.

Handy Compact Magnetic Headphone Mount

Handy Compact Magnetic Headphone Mount

Source: Amazon/NZXT

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