Green Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

Green Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

Fresh Green Bathroom Accessories

You need your bathroom decor to be functional most importantly. This doesn't mean that it can't look great as well. Green bathroom accessories are a wonderful choice as fresh colors tend to work very well in this room of your home.

Choosing The Right Green For You

Clean fresh greens are effective as are deeper or forest shades. If you prefer a bathroom with a clean summery feeling then a pale or brighter fresh shade is the best choice for you. Mixing shades of green works very well as does introducing complementary colors.

Deeper greens work well when you want to create a luxurious wintery or shaded rainforest feeling. If you choose to go with deeper shades of green it is advisable to also use a clean fresh white or another pale color. Less is often more and overcrowding your bathroom with too much color might not work as well as you had hoped.


Cotton Swab Holders

The smallest touches can often make a big difference and a green q tip holder such as the ones below looks really cool. You will love having a designated place to store these as they can often end up floating around in drawers. You are sure to have noticed that q tips often come in disposable plastic packs so you will find it useful to have somewhere to keep them.


This lotus cotton tip holder features a lovely fresh green and it is designed to look like a lotus flower. A really cute bathroom idea.

Get it here - MelonBoat Lotus Small Q-tip Holder GreenGreen Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look


If you like the idea of a cotton tip storage container but prefer a look that is more suited to a country style home a pottery piece like this one may be for you.

Available here - Q-tip holder, bathroom storage, Handmade ceramic Pottery tooth pick holder

Green Toilet Seats

You have probably noticed that most toilet seats are classic white or black. Use a colored one in your bathroom to create interest. Plain colors are good and patterns are prints can also work well when used carefully. If you choose to use a printed or patterned one you will need to choose other elements carefully so that your bathroom is not overwhelmed with clashing prints and patterns.


This is a solid wooden toilet seat featuring an embossed leather style covering. A luxurious look that is sure to appeal.

Available here - Bath Décor 6F1R2-60 Premium Soft Round Closed Front Toilet Seat with Extra Heavy Duty Solid Wood Core, Forest GreenGreen Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look


A beautiful printed green frog toilet seat with a fresh and natural appeal. This would work very well in a bathroom where there are potted plants or other zen rainforest styled elements.

Check it out here - Toilet Seat | Wide choice of beautiful toilet seats | Stable Hinges | Easy to mount | (Green Frog) by SaniloGreen Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look


A plain toilet seat in a fresh green. You will love the effect this has on your bathroom, an instant color lift can make such a difference.

Shop online here -  Bemis 200SLOWT 165 Round Closed Front Toilet Seat, Ming GreenGreen Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

Green Bathroom Accessories - Mats

Bathroom mats are a wonderful idea to quickly add color. If you like to change the look of your bathroom often you can buy mats in several different colors. This works best if you keep to neutral shades when it comes to paint tiles and other accessories.


Available online here-WPM'S Incredibly Soft and Absorbent Memory Foam Bath Mat, 17 By 24-inch (Sage)Green Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

This memory foam mat is slip resistant and easy for you to clean as it is machine washable.


Get it here - Norcho 17 Inch x 27 Inch Microfiber Water Absorbent Non-slip Antibacterial Rubber Bath Mat - Grass GreenGreen Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

A super absorbent bath mat that is non slip and machine washable.


Available online here - InterDesign Microfiber Leaves Bathroom Shower Accent Rug, 34 x 21, Green/WhiteGreen Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

Green Bathroom Accessories featuring patterns such as leaves create a soft natural look. Works very well in natural light such as  a skylight or in a bathroom where there are potted plants.

Bathroom Sink Sets

It is common to keep toothbrushes and hand soap on the bathroom sink. A bathroom sink set that matches your decor is much nicer than store packaging.


Available Online here - Bright Green Leaves Bathroom Set

Bright green leaves adorn this soap and toothbrush holder set. Will go perfectly with other green bathroom accessories. Before ordering this set you can add text to it if you so desire. This is great if you want to give a bathroom set as a gift. green-patterned-bathroom-set

Available here - Green and White Quatrefoil Bathroom Set

Green Bathroom Accessories - Soap Dishes

Soap dishes don't have to be plain and can make lovely featured pieces. You can place them in your shower, beside the bathtub or on your sink. They can also be used to hold items other than soap such as hairpins.


You will love this pretty green glass soap dish. For extra effect fill it with specialty soap in a matching color.

Available online here - Carnation Home Fashions Ribbed Acrylic Soap Dish, Palm GreenGreen Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look


Get it here - Kiera Grace Ceramic Soap Dish, SageGreen Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

A classic Roma designed soap dish in a pretty sage green. This one is available in other colors and matching items such as a liquid soap dispenser are available.


A super cute soap dish that looks like a little bathtub. Great to leave on the sink, near your bathtub or in the shower.

Get it here - Claw-foot Deco Bathtub Soap Dish EVE Clear Acrylic (Lime Green)Green Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

Green Bathroom Scales


Available here - Taylor Precision Products Glass Digital Bath Scale (Liquid)Green Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

Your bathroom scales are another everyday item that does not need to be boring. You don't need to fill your bathroom with unneeded items in order to decorate. Simply choosing necessities that fit the theme you desire is enough to do the job well.


Get it here - Starfish Bathroom Scale Green

You may wish to decorate using a particular theme instead of just focussing on the color. Ocean themes such as the starfish design above work well with the color green. Themes featuring leaves or animals such as frogs also look great in bathrooms.

Green Bathroom Accessories - Towels

It is common to rely on towels to add color to your bathroom. When you hang your towels the color is displayed and you can also coordinate them with your hand towels.


Shop for towels here - Lavish Home 8 Piece 100% Cotton Plush Bath Towel Set - GreenGreen Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

This beautiful deep green set of bathroom linen includes towels, hand towels and washcloths. The rich color is sure to add a luxurious and stylish appeal to your bathroom.


This set is available here - Premium 8 Piece Towel Set (Sage Green); 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels & 4 Washcloths - Cotton - Machine Washable, Hotel Quality, Super Soft and Highly Absorbent by Utopia TowelsGreen Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

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Bathroom Trash Cans

Having a trash can available in your bathroom is a must. This makes it convenient to dispose of any packaging or other garbage that is common in bathrooms. Since you do need one there is no reason why you can't have a nice one that adds to the appeal of the room.


Get this green bin here - InterDesign Mono Wastebasket Trash Can - Aloe GreenGreen Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

This simple bin is a lovely shade of green and can be used in any room of your home. Perfect for the bathroom, bedroom, living room or an office.


Find it here - Honey-Can-Do TRS-02121 Steel Mesh Powder-Coated Waste Basket, Lime Green, 18-Liter/4.7-Gallon Capacity, 11.75 x 14-Inches TallGreen Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

The waste basket shown above is made from steel mesh which add some texture to a room when used. It is available in six different colors. You can also recycle shopping bags by using them to line it and then empty it easily.

Green Bathroom Accessories - Shower Curtains

If the shower in your bathroom is the type that requires a curtain this is a great opportunity to really define the style of the room.


Retro curtain available here - Fabric Shower Curtain,multi-color Printed Striped Green CoffeeGreen Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

Retro styled rooms are very popular and a 70s style bathroom can be very effective. This shower curtain is sure to set the mood if this is a style that you like.


Available here - Beautiful Fresh Green Forest Fabric Shower Curtain 66(W)X72(H)Green Bathroom Accessories for a Bright Natural Look

Create a relaxing zen effect with a printed shower curtain such as the one shown above. No matter what your style is you will be able to find a perfect shower curtain somewhere online. There are so many different designs available that you will not be disappointed.

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